One Hot DAy

About the Film

She’s a hot woman in a cool world and no one understands

Starring: Julie Phillips

Directed by: Lorin Davis

Written by: Julie Phillips

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Behind the scenes

The CAst

Julie Phillips: Celia

David Beatty: Larry

Jacob Seidman: Oliver


Conor Maloney: Cash


Kristi McKamie: Pamela

Julia Montgomery: Victoria

Suzanne Block: Brenda

Ashly Reynolds: Alison

Craig Weakley: Pete

Eric Davis:  Lloyd

Sue Harlan: Marcia

Noel Savory: George

The Crew

Executive Producer: Julie Phillips

Director: Lorin Davis

Writer: Julie Phillips

Sound: Ryan Pawlak

             Sky Adams

1st AD: Steph Martinez

2nd AD:Natasha Behnam


Make-up: Hanako Izuoka

Wardrobe: Iana Neville


PA: David Allen Roher

      Cody Anderson

      Conor Maloney

      Sierra Powell

      Callie Harlan

      Ryan Bertroche



Official selection - Sedona International Film Festival 

Official selection - Oregon Short Film Festival

Best actress nomination - Julie Phillips



Official Semi-Finalist Los Angeles Cine-Fest

Screening On Wednesday, February 26th, 4:15pm at the Sedona Performing Arts Center

Official Selection - Women's Film Festival, Vermont

Official Selection Los Angeles Short Film Festival

Official Selection - Women's Comedy FIlm Festival In Atlanta




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